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Feb 18th 2015: "The Long Road Ahead" EP is due to be released on March 17th! 

What's unique to this release? This release will be 11 minutes long, contain 4 songs, be entirely instrumental, and a few of the songs might sound familiar to loyal fans.


Feb 14th 2015: Two remixes for Elektro Ferret's song "Just A Scratch" have been posted on the youtube channel:

Also, three songs have been posted on the youtube channel to catch up with what is currently available on the soundcloud page. Remember, if you enjoy what you hear, follow the links to the soundcloud page and grab a free download for these:


Jan 7th 2015:  Happy new years!

Random factoid: Since it's 2015 that means Mechanized Warfare has been around for 10 years this year!

I'm mostly active on Twitter and I've been slacking on keeping this site active and up-to-date. But mostly nothing new going on with this project until I can get a new computer (I had 3 remixes in the works but lost all data when computer "crashed" during the fall). So if I can get a new computer, I'll be able to produce more music without having to worry about this one failing on me again. And that's kind of what I'm waiting for... 

But in the meantime, if you are unsure where to download my music, check out the following page:

And don't forget to check the soundcloud page for the two most recent uploads:


Sept 4th 2014:  Go check out Kissing In Graveyards' remix of "The Masquerade" on the youtube or soundcloud pages. And you can grab a free copy of the remix too!


August 25th 2014:  There has been a review done for The Ultimate Pleasure EP. Review made by Metalzine Machine:


August 21st 2014:  There haven't been any updates for a while because nothing new has really been going on with Mechanized Warfare. 

A fellow group is working on a remix, and there has been a short 7 question interview made for @Aggrodriver81's E-zine (it's listed under section VIII):

" MarbleKompositionBook 001":


May 20th 2014:  "The Ultimate Pleasure" EP is NOW available! Download the EP in full from the link under "Album Downloads" on the Music section of this site!


May 15th 2014:  The new EP "The Ultimate Pleasure" will be available for download this upcoming Tuesday May 20th, so keep an eye out 4 the links on Tuesday!


May 14th 2014:  You can listen to Industrial Ferret's remix of "Enhanced Ecstasy" on his youtube or soundcloud pages. And you can also grab a free copy of the remix there.

     You can also check out Collective Death's remix of the song via SoundCloud and Youtube, and grab a free download there too.


April 22nd 2014:  I have recently moved to a different state, so I won't be affiliated with DC or the D/M/V area any longer unless asked about where the music project first started. This music project known as "Mechanized Warfare" is now located in central Ohio, USA (just outside of Columbus).

     In other news, check out Paul PSR Ryder's DarkPsy Remix to "Enhanced Ecstasy" on the YouTube channel. You can download his remix by going to his soundcloud via the link on the YouTube page.


April 11th 2014:  The song "No Consequence, No Repercussion" is now available on the youtube and soundcloud pages. You can grab a free download there, or on the "music" tab of this website.


April 3rd 2014:  You can now listen to the remix of Collective Death's "Prophecy Of Fire" on the youtube or soundcloud pages.


March 31st 2014:  Spreadshirt has announced an upcoming sale for those that buy apparel through their pages this month:

-Free standard shipping on 2 or more products

-Run time: April 8th – April 16th, 2014

-Coupon code: SPRING14

-Cannot be combined with other coupon codes.


March 29th 2014:  The song "Desire Of Ancients" is now available on the youtube and soundcloud pages. You can grab a free download there, or on the "music" tab of this website.

March 23rd 2014:  You can listen to the remix of Industrial Ferret's "Unstoppable Tropical" on the youtube or soundcloud pages. And you can also grab a free copy of the remix. His album is out as of March 28th, 2014.

March 16th 2014:  The song "Enhanced Ecstasy" has now been posted onto the soundcloud and youtube pages. As usual, grab a free copy from there, or on the "music" page of this site, if you are interested in downloading it.


Feb. 23rd 2014 NOTICE:  The Facebook page has now been deleted so the news feed will now be manually posted directly onto the web page!


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